Every person has their own story. Mine has been anything but ordinary. We are a normal family with two small children and that’s how we got our products. Convinced of the great quality, beauty and usability, we decided to share them with other parents and their children. I started selling online back then during my second parental leave at the end of 2018 and that’s how it has stayed…. It was and is not always easy to sell handmade products from Europe, while the market is crowded with cheap imitations from outside. Nevertheless, we stand by our products because for us, quality trumps quantity! I have tripped and fallen more than once, especially in the early days. It wasn’t always easy as a mum of small children. But what kept me getting up was the desire to perfect my skills and make a name for myself as an expert in my field. Even now, I continue to educate myself and learn something new with each new challenge. Nowadays, my goal in my online shop is to offer only the best to parents and their children!